Fresh Tip Friday/1.12.18

One Sunday, our pastor talked about the domino effect and that a tiny small domino can knock down another domino 1.5x it’s size. The message got me thinking about all of us at CFD and how one small tiny change can build on the next until one day you’re knocking down huge goals. I think about my own journey and all the dominoes that I’ve knocked over to get where I am today. And I think about my first tiny little change, that today seems so insignificant, but how it gave me the confidence to know that I could keep moving forward to take on each new goal I set for myself. It’s not all butterflies and roses, it’s more like 3 steps forward 2 steps sideways and 1 step back kind of path. But the reward of all the hard work feels AHmazing!!!!
Set small realistic attainable goals, take baby steps forward, be consistent with your changes, and lastly reflect on your changes to ensure they’ve been positive and sustainable. 

-Next Level