Too Much Of A Good Thing

Fresh Tip Friday

Too much of a good thing can slow down your nutrition goals and progress. Be aware of portion sizes, especially for high calorie foods. Another example would be nuts/seeds or nut butters. The difference between a small handful and mindlessly eating out of the tub can equal hundreds of calories. Check out this great example!



Join our health challenge!! The challenge will run Monday February 5th through Sunday April 1st. There will be 2 group options:
Group A: All About That Open!! This group will be geared towards those who are doing the open and have already participated in several challenges and looking to really dial in your diet and fitness goals and crush the 2018 CF Open.
Group B: This group will be geared to those who are maybe new to CF or new to their health journey. Those who have never or have only participated in 1 of these challenges previously. It is also for anyone who’s done several challenges and still wants to concentrate on general health and nutrition goals.
All participants will  be in the same FB group but the difference will be the weekly email content. Just let Courtney know which group you’d like to be in. Cost is $75 which includes private FB group, weekly nutrition email, weekly recipe, and 2 InBody Tests. Fee will be charged to your account through the kiosk.
Sign up by emailing Courtney at: .