Thoughtful Thursday by Sam Cooper

Thoughtful Thursdays

by, Sam Cooper

I used to hate mornings.

Being up before the sun? If the almighty wanted me up this early, he would have turned the lights on. 5:03 AM: an alarm calls out from across the room. 5:03 because that is the exact amount of time I need for the morning, the extra three minutes can really make the difference. In a semi-conscious primitive state, I dash to turn off the blaring siren, and begin to gear up. 


 T shirt- Check



Blender Bottle and Protein- Check

All the while questioning if today will be worth it. Constantly calculating how many more hours of sleep I could have if I stop right now, and climb back to my warm bed instead of working out.

 5:24 AM- Still dark. Step outside, my breath exposes a heavy chill in the air.

 6:01-6:59 AM We run, we lift, we jump, we sweat, we cry (usually on the inside). At first my body rejects movement. My muscles are sore, my joints are stiff, my breaths are shallow and empty. 

Yet I continue to work, strive, and push myself. I continue because WE continue. I don’t stop because my teammates won’t stop. I keep pushing so they may keep pushing.

All work builds to pay a debt. 

 A debt accumulated from all other stresses attempting to manifest themselves into your mental diet. Could be working too late, or could be sitting in traffic too long. Could be too many bills with too little cash, and too few laughs.

Stress builds in your mind, compounding, and growing, producing extra feelings of discomfort, low confidence, and drastically declining self-assurance.

A debt.

A debt once assigned by a foreign party has now become all too familiar, because it has become all yours.

That is why we come back everyday. To pay off old debt, to abstain from accumulating newer debt. To keep my mind free and happy is essential to lifelong fulfilment. Nothing may be more beneficial to a healthy mental diet than clearing the pallet in a workout.

 All debts shall be paid. After the workout, we find clarity, we find peace and we find gratitude. 

We thank our coach for leading us, we thanks our friends for working with us and pushing us. Finally, we thank ourselves. We thank ourselves for waking up an hour early. We thank ourselves for putting in work when all we wanted was to quit. We thank ourselves for eating well, providing fuel we need. We feel strong for trusting our instincts taking us into the gym. Our bodies thank us becoming a little more strong, a little more fit. 

It is during these moments of clarity we accomplish old tasks, create new goals, and foresee a vision of what success looks like in my future.

“I did it today. It was hard and I did it. I am a little stronger, and a little more fit than I was a day ago” 

Repeat these words today. Even if you don’t believe you have become stronger and more fit. Repeat these words until you do believe you are becoming a better, stronger, fitter version of yourself. Until one day you may say in all sense of pride, dignity, and confidence.

“I am strong. I am fit. I get better everyday”

Let’s do it again tomorrow.