By Carissa FieldsCan you think of the last time you asked yourself “Why?” Three little letters but it has so many ways you could go with just the one word…. Why did I sign up for CrossFit? Why didn’t I start sooner? Why am I cutting out sugar? Why am I even here paying to slightly die for an hour of my day?

A few years back if you had asked me this question my answer would have been  “because I want to go compete at regionals”. Sounds simple enough but that was a huge task even for someone who practically lived at the gym. I made small goals and continued to make progress time and time again. Lift goals, check. Muscles ups…check (off and on they seem to never stick around) Weight and diet goals…check! And then uncheck….and then check again!! Ask me my goal today and it will be a completely different answer….

Having given birth to Parker in June 2016 gave me a whole new outlook on life and what my purpose at that moment was. I continued to work at improving my health because I had a new baby that was going to need her mama for a long time, but Regionals was not what I was shooting for at that time. If you follow some of the CrossFit games athletes on Instagram you will see some amazing women who give birth and within a short time are right back at it rockin their six pack abs and competing at the CrossFit Games. As amazing as that is, that is not my story nor is it my “why” I’m in the gym. Even for Jake, not physically carrying our child, but his goals have changed since Parker came too. It was more important for him to see his daughter then to spend hours working out.

All this being said, I would love to hear about your “why”. Have you set a good goal for yourself in awhile?? If your not aiming for anything then how do you know what to go for? As some of you have probably already experienced, your goals have changed or you already made your goal and didn’t set a new one. If they haven’t changed yet, don’t worry they will. Things come up, and sometimes change, so maybe it’s a good time to see what’s changed within your life and re evaluate your next good goal and make your own “why” statement.

If you don’t even know where to begin, please don’t hesitate to pull one of our amazing coaches aside and tell them you’re struggling with your purpose. Chances are they have been in your shoes and they would be honored to help!

Thank you being such an amazing member at CFD. Jake and I tell each other all the time just how blessed we are to have each and every one of you at the gym. We are looking forward to hearing from you and watching you crush your goals inside and outside of the gym.

Loads of love,
Carissa Fields

April 2016 my “why” was to workout my entire pregnancy in hopes that one day when Parker is competing at the CF Games that she can say her training started in the womb.