Women Crush Wednesday 1.31.18 Erin Pugmire This awesome lady PRed at our Weightlifting Class! She works so hard and has a love to Crossfit that is contagious. Shout out to Erin for just being overall awesome!


Man Crush Monday 1.29.18 Our shout out this Monday goes to Shaun…this guys is great to have in class! I can almost always talk him into staying for another workout after HIIT class. He will give it all he has for… Read more »

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Fresh Tip Friday 1.26.19 Too much of a good thing can slow down your nutrition goals and progress. Be aware of portion sizes, especially for high calorie foods. Another example would be nuts/seeds or nut butters. The difference between a… Read more »


Woman Crush Wednesday 1.24.18 WCW goes out to Mandy who competed in her first local power lifting meet this past weekend and placed 2nd in her weight class! She also got her first double under in class last week! She’s… Read more »

Sunday Short

This week’s upcoming events: Lots of awesome WOD’s coming your way! Be sure to get your sweatshirt order in and sign up for the health challenge! CFD SWAG: Stars and Stripes Hoodie: $55 (Order due by 1/26) TO ORDER: sign… Read more »

Portion Sizes

Fresh Tips Friday 1.19.18 Using your hand as a portion guide can be very useful, especially to those who don’t wish to count calories or use a calorie counting journal or phone app. Keep in mind this is just a… Read more »