The Crossfit Devotion Team

Meet the Team that is Dedicated to Your Success

our founder

Jake Fields

In 2009 I went to my first Crossfit class at a local CrossFit Gym, I grew up playing sports so this was a perfect fit for my life. I had never really lifted weights before and so all of this was very new, and it was so much fun to learn new things with a great community of people.

Roughly a year later I decided to open up my own gym in the garage of my house. Not knowing anything about the business I jumped all into the idea of helping people through health and fitness as a career.

Outgrowing the garage about 18 months later CFD moved to a little warehouse building over by Costco in Covington. Quickly adding new faces and growing the community, CFD was just under 100 members a year later.

Knowing we were growing and that we needed more space a good friend of mine knew about a place that was for lease off the beating path. Finding the large warehouse that we are in today as a huge blessing and allowed us to grow as fast as we needed to.

From bringing on new coaches to remodeling the gym, CFD has seen a lot over the past 10 years.
April 2010 was the beginning of this adventure and now just celebrating our 10 year anniversary I could not be any more excited about the future of CrossFit Devotion.

I personally love Crossfit and the community it brings together. To have the opportunity each day to celebrate when people succeed and grow in life long relationships is truly a dream come true for me.

I absolutely love the ministry path I have chosen and pray I have positively impacted every person who has come through our doors.

The Mission of CrossFit Devotion is to provide the people of our surrounding community a positive uplifting place to achieve their health and fitness goals.